Brett Moore

Senior International Corporate Advisor

Brett Moore is an experienced international attorney, corporate executive, and start-up founder. He now advises corporations in a wide variety of matters including complex due diligence, assisting technology start-ups, and managing cross-border transactions.

Brett is admitted to practice as a lawyer in Australia, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong. He started his career as an attorney with Baker & McKenzie, specializing in M&A, joint ventures, and licensing. He subsequently acted as the Asian General Counsel for three large U.S. and Canadian listed multinationals, handling their affairs across over 10 countries. He has extensive high-level negotiating experience in China, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Throughout his career, Brett has also been the founder or COO/CEO of five technology start-ups in the medical, software, and blockchain sectors. He brings a wealth of experience in terms of business structuring, problem-solving, and entrepreneurial know-how.

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