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Legal Supplier Diversity

Zahn Law Group – Reimagined Legal Teams & Our Commitment to Legal Supplier Diversity Fostering Diverse, World-Class & Cost-Efficient Global Legal Teams

At Zahn Law Group we are experts in legal supplier diversity, acting as a resource to corporate General Counsels and their in-house legal departments by proactively supporting their diversity and inclusion initiatives, and in doing so, reinventing the concept of legal teams. To that end, where appropriate, we will provide the following services to our clients:

Value-Add Client Services The legal profession is changing in a flash and we at Zahn Law Group know the importance of understanding our clients' industry, corporate culture and legal needs, including their commitment to legal supplier diversity. We believe an essential key to our future success is to consistently deliver the highest caliber of innovative, "value-add" services to our clients in an efficient, cost-competitive manner. One of the ways we do this is by working with our corporate clients' in-house legal departments to procure diverse-owned legal services by partnering our firm with other diverse-owned law firms, lawyers, and where necessary, with majority-owned law firms, to foster diverse, world-class and cost-efficient global legal teams.
General Counsel & Attorney Liaison ServicesOur General Counsel and Attorney Liaison Services uniquely positions Zahn Law Group to foster new and enhance existing client relationships. As Attorney Liaisons we serve as a "quarterback", outside general counsel and project manager for clients. We do so at no additional client cost, focusing on transaction and/or litigation team efficiency, client advocacy and flawless service. In this function, we provide the depth and breadth of a global firm, while ensuring boutique customer service, client matters that are run efficiently and legal fees that are maintained within a client's budgetary expectations.
Legal Supplier Diversity & Strategic Partnerships At Zahn Law Group we are a resource for in-house legal departments with whom we work hand-in-glove to proactively support their legal supplier diversity and inclusion initiatives, as follows:
  • Collaborate with diverse-owned law firms to provide cost-efficient, creative solutions to our clients' legal needs by seamlessly packaging our legal services with such minority-owned strategic alliance law firms;
  • Identify diverse attorneys at majority-owned firms to work with Zahn Law Group's clients, in co-counsel arrangements on more complex transactions and litigation matters;
  • When acting as co-counsel in conjunction with global law firms, Zahn Law Group will ensure the proper reporting of the Client's "2nd-tier" legal supplier diversity spend;
  • Staff matters with diverse attorneys where practicable;
  • Secure diverse attorneys to meet clients' temporary staffing needs; and
  • Conduct educational CLE symposiums on matters of interest to diverse in-house counsel.
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Bari Zahn addresses Work Force Diversity in a piece for NGLCC

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