Robin Gerofsky Kaptzan, Esq.

Of Counsel - Senior International Corporate Counsel

Robin Gerofsky Kaptzan is a New York licensed attorney with three decades of legal and business experience in the U.S. and Asia and has lived and worked in Shanghai for more than 20 years. Robin began her legal career in 1985 as a corporate attorney in New York City. She spent her first decade as an attorney arguing and managing increasingly complex corporate cases in state and federal courts, as well as handling related corporate matters.

As Counsel at Duan & Duan since June 2015, Robin provides Zahn Law Group with boots on the ground in Shanghai and legal capabilities throughout China from the firm's more than twenty offices. For the prior ten years, she worked in Shanghai as a Senior Foreign Counsel for reputable Chinese and other foreign law firms. Robin arrived in Shanghai in 1997, and immediately became involved with cross-border business.

Robin often acts as general counsel to her clients, helping them with investment strategies, structuring, company set-up and M&A. She advises on employment, intellectual property, commercial, and cross-border issues. Robin also assists with legal compliance, corruption investigations, corporate governance, U.S. and China contracts, and large transaction and project management. Her clients include small to multinational companies (private, public, family) from North America, Australia, the UK, and Europe and their China subsidiaries and affiliates (some having household names) as well as government offices and individuals. She handles matters from a variety of sectors: food, technology, garment, equipment, hospitality, hotels and restaurants, home decor, luxury brands, manufacturing, and distribution.

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