Rita Singer, Esq.

International Trust & Estates Counsel

Rita Singer specializes in the practice of Trusts and Estates. She takes the lead in planning and drafting Wills and Trusts, including ILITS, QDOTS, planning with retirement assets, trust decanting, amendments and resolutions, as well as advising clients on complex trust and tax planning issues. Her experience includes including five years with Merrill Lynch Trust Company in the Wealth Structuring Group where she engaged in strategic trust planning for complex ultra-high net worth families, entrepreneurs, and other private clients of Merrill Lynch Financial Advisors, including some of the top advisors in the country according to Barron's annual lists.

Prior to this, Rita worked for Mellon Private Wealth Management in New York for nine years, where she acted a Senior Fiduciary Officer for Mellon's New York office, in addition to Portfolio Manager duties. While leading the New York Trust Administration Committee, she was trained and mentored by Mellon's Senior Legal Counsel in Boston to carry out detailed document reviews on documents prepared by top firms nationwide. With Mellon acting as Trustee for 16,000 legacy trusts, her training included exposure to the firm's trust litigation and sensitive issues likely to be sources of conflict. Rita also received training and oversight by Pittsburgh Legal Counsel in reviewing client wills and estate plans with them.

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