About Zahn Law Group, LLP

Zahn Law Group, LLP (ZLG) is a boutique, cross-border, diverse-owned law firm located in the heart of New York City that was created to be a gateway to premiere legal and tax experts. Our attorneys' come from prior practices at top-tier, global firms and corporations, in multiple regions around the world.

As a team of connectors, facilitators and advocates, we help our clients navigate complex legal and business challenges in an ever-changing landscape of international and domestic transactions and family matters. Our attorneys generally have interdisciplinary practices, successfully servicing clients in the areas of corporate, business, employment, tax, trust and estates, cryptocurrency, and intellectual property law. Our Asia team also focuses on corporate counsel guidance and coordinating with leading local counsel from inside and outside China's borders, as well as Hong Kong and throughout Asia.

Through our team collaboration and cultivated relationships, we believe we can expand even further to create tailormade teams for each client and his, her, or its unique objective, at the highest caliber.

Why Choose Zahn Law Group?

  • Highly Effective, Business Oriented Solutions to Complex Legal & Tax Issues
  • Experience in Representing Technology Companies
  • Cross-border Experience
  • Improve Inefficiencies & Reduce Costs
  • High Integrity
  • Accountability & Trust
  • Commitment & Connectivity
  • Creative Global Solutions
  • Inspirational Collaboration
  • Founded on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  • Achieve Results!


Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

Our greatest strength comes from our collaboration with, and respect for, one another. We have cultivated an extraordinary team of top-tier attorneys, accountants, and business professionals with diverse backgrounds, families, experiences, and ideas, and each of us shares the common goal of working in a respectful culture, while being the most exceptional advocates for our clients, and making a difference in our communities. Many of our clients, staff, allies, and partners have sought us out because of our strength in, and focus on, diversity, equality, and inclusion.

While many law firms have just begun to put greater focus on diversity, equality, and inclusion, these core values are essential pillars upon which Zahn Law Group was built. Our founder's mission has always been to leave the world a better place than she found it. She has championed diversity, equality, and inclusion by collaborating with the NGLCC/nglccNY. She also founded the Legal Industry Council at NGLCC/nglccNY while working at a global law firm.

As a women-owned, WBENC and LGBTBE-certified law firm, a Freddie Mac Preferred Diverse Legal Provider, and an NGLCC National Legal Partner, we believe we can offer tremendous value to firms looking to navigate a culturally sensitive climate and offer better problem-solving

Global Outreach


We have a far-reaching practice, serving clients in all 50 states and across the globe.

world map. Our Global outreach

Our clients span the globe and we are proud to have a strong U.S.-China practice with native Mandarin capabilities and flourishing strategic alliances with leading Chinese law firms located in more than 10 offices across the continent, including Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing and Hong Kong. We counsel Chinese, as well as other international companies, entrepreneurs, C-suite executives and global investors on the U.S., cross-border, tax and corporate consequences of various business transactions. We handle inbound and outbound investments, and help overseas clients who wish to do business in the U.S. market.

For our private clients, global families and family offices, many of whom have business investments and real estate holdings worldwide, we handle their Life and Legacy Planning and Trusts and Estates related matters. We also handle several areas of Employment Law, including Whistleblower and Discrimination claims.

As discussed under the Worldwide Gateway, we also work closely with in-house counsels to achieve their legal supplier diversity goals and can be retained to work in partnership with such key legal officers to enhance their company's legal supplier diversity collaboration arrangements with their preferred provider global law firms.


ZLG is a cross-border, diverse-owned law firm located in the heart of New York City, and is recognized for orchestrating legal teams across the globe to address our clients' complex international and domestic corporate, tax, business, and compliance-related issues.

Industries We Serve

Our client base covers an extensive range of industries, including:

  • Art
  • Banking and Finance
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Cryptocurrency and Fintech
  • E-Commerce
  • Energy/Renewable Energy
  • Engineering & Chemicals
  • Entertainment
  • Food and Beverage
  • Garment Industry
  • Global Families & Private Clients
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing & Branding
  • Medical and Life Science
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Publishing
  • Real Estate
  • Restaurants
  • Retail (Physical & E-Commerce)
  • Software & Digital
  • Technology
  • Transportation and Logistics
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